Dieting Sucks



Dear Sheena,

So, remember how I was talking about going on a yarn diet a few weeks ago? Well….. I can’t say that I have been as successful as I’d hoped. You see, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of knitting podcasts in the last few weeks. I know that these aren’t totally your thing, but I have to say that I am finding them more enjoyable than I thought I would. Some are definitely more entertaining and polished than others; but the thing I most enjoy is seeing and listening to others talk about what they are working on, as I don’t really have anyone in my life (besides you, of course) to geek out with when it comes to knitting. The downside of this, of course, is that these people are TOTAL YARN ENABLERS!!!! I have since discovered many new yarn dyers that I reeeeeeally want to try out (like, desperately!), but I am holding off for the time being. Barely. I want to buy all the yarn.

As I’m sure you can guess, I have added to my stash. It was in the form of a gift from Mom, so it wasn’t at my expense, but it was totally not in the spirit of the stash busting pledge I made a few weeks ago. I guess I haven’t reached my saturation point yet.

My stash grew by 5 skeins, 2 skeins for socks, and 3 that were part of a kit for the ‘Sail Shawl’ by Liisa Nieminen. As you can see, I finished the project.

Isn’t it beautiful? The yarn is Sweetgeorgia in Tough Love Sock and Glitterati sock, my first time using both of those bases. The pattern itself was super easy, with only simple increases, decreases and a few short row wedges to spice up the miles of garter stitch. I really thought this pattern would take me weeks to complete, but it only took me 6 days. I love it so much, it is soft and squishy and just lovely to wear. I took it out for a spin last night at a friends birthday party and got quite a few compliments, so I imagine that this will get quite a lot of wear.


The only action shot of the night.

Now that I’ve completed that shawl, I’d really like to make some more. I love shawls so much, a stylish scarf that turns into a wearable blanket – what’s not to love? I’ve already started working on my next one which is a definite stash buster. It is some KnitPicks Gloss Fingering that I’ve had in my stash for ages and it is really nice to work with so far. The pattern calls for 3 colours, and I am having trouble deciding which colours to use, so maybe you can help me choose from the pictures below.

I am not sure what to go with, the blue and grey are really masculine looking, so do I add the purple to make it more feminine, or do I stick with my original plan and add in the green? This project will not be as quick as the Sail Shawl because of the way it is constructed, so if I can finish it by the end of next month I’ll be happy with that.

I have a few other projects on my needles, but I think I’ll save them for another day. What are you working on these days?


P.S. Your ham of a nephew says hi!



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2 thoughts on “Dieting Sucks

  1. northmelbournemum says:

    Love the term “yarn diet”!


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